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Atelier Delica

Shinshu Ginseng chicken soup

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Gentle-tasting ginseng hot water from Shinshu, using ``Mochihikari'' specially cultivated rice from Nagano Prefecture and ginseng, a specialty of Ueda City.

Ginseng produced in Nagano Prefecture has a history of being exported to China and other countries, and has been highly evaluated for its quality. In the production area, it is eaten on a daily basis, such as by making it into tempura, and it is familiar.

Developed so that people living alone or in pairs, which are common in urban areas, can enjoy simple, delicious, and healthy meals. You can easily enjoy authentic ginseng chicken soup in one pot.

Packages suitable for gifts and product descriptions in English are also included.

【Cooking method】
Open 800ml of water and the contents of the bag in a pot, add 200g of chicken, and simmer for about 30 minutes to complete. You can also add green onions if you like.

[Background of this product]

This product was developed with the desire to make working people's meals healthy and rich. Inspired by the feedback that it would be nice to be able to eat nutritious food just by waiting when you get home after a long day at work, you can easily make ginseng using Korean ginseng from Nagano Prefecture. Connected to the hot water kit.

Although it is easy to make, it does not compromise on taste, and uses the same five ingredients as the authentic recipe: ginseng, jujube, goji nut, pine nut, and Astragalus membranaceus. We have received comments such as, "It's easy to make and delicious," and "I'm happy with the gentle taste that even children can eat."

This is the recipe that triggered the birth of Atelier Delica. Please give it a try!